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Wellbeing Rituals Workshop

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As I've been exploring how to live in the present not the future, what comes up over and over again is how the simple things - good food, good music, a good laugh - feel really satisfying.

In this workshop, come in with a paper and pen and come out with your own list of wellbeing rituals that can make a tough day good, and a good day great. I'll go through 5 categories of rituals: productivity, pleasure, nourishment, connection, and rest. I'll give examples for each and space for you to list your own examples of what would feel good to you. We wrap up with picking one ritual that sticks out to you most and how to experiment with including it into your daily routine now. Simple, light and sweet, and hopefully a workshop that feels good.

Sat Oct 24th, 11:30am-12:30pm GMT+3

Upon signing up you'll receive a link to the workshop within one working day. Registration is open until Thursday Oct 20th at noon.

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