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Sacred Circles (Women's Circle)

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A women's space where the spiritual and the secular converge. A space where the sacred, called by different names, is directly experienced with our shared human hearts.

Each circle is themed and opens with poetry and a guided practice, followed by time for personal reflection and optional sharing.

Upcoming Circle:

Sacred Silence
Sat May 9, 2-3pm GMT+3

In a modern world filled with stimulus, I've noticed in myself a deep conditioning to fill silence with a retreat into an inner world of thoughts and ideas. This space is an exploration of what happens when we pause instead and listen to 'the silence that connects us to everything'. What do we hear, feel, experience, realize, remember?

We will explore layers of deep listening through poetry from the Tao Te Ching, Rumi and Gibran followed by a lightly guided silent practice, some time for personal reflection/journalling and optional sharing. Some poetry uses spiritual language, some secular. Any and all faiths or worldviews welcome and honored.

Sacred circles is a women's circle. If you know anyone looking for this kind of experience please share. Please arrive within the first 5 minutes and mute mics, video optional.

If you prefer to pay through BenefitPay email me at to arrange for that.

To be informed of future circles click here, or let me know if you want to hear directly from me.

Previous Circles:
January 2020
The Longing, the Forgetting, the Remembering

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