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Reclaiming Ourselves - A Community Workshop Experience

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Reclaiming Ourselves - a community workshop exploring our individual and collective wisdom to guide ourselves to freedom

Who we are has never left us. It is the way we choose to live our lives that can nurture who we are, bringing out the best of us, enabling us with ease, with open hearts and with free spirits.

This is a community experience in 3 parts. Through reflection, creative activities and conversation we explore the themes below:

How do we give our power away to others? To media, to culture, to beliefs we have outgrown? This is simplicity.

What do we need to nourish ourselves, is it self-care or more moments with people, or nature, or something greater? This is connection.

Now that we are connected to what we hold within, how do we express that truth? is it through passions or art, movement or adventure, setting boundaries, meeting edges or making peace with where we're at, right here? This is freedom.

Saturdays 11-12:30pm
Dates TBD
Location TBD

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