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"Nature, True Nature" Circles

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A space to explore what it feels like to be connected to our bodies and the earth. In this space, we use nature connection, poetry and reflection to access a deeper, wider sense of self: our true nature.

When we feel at home in our selves, we can feel belonging to something greater. When we feel belonging to something greater, we can feel at home in our selves.

The upcoming circle's theme is:

"Intuition whispers from somewhere"
How do we come back into our bodies and tune into the messages they give us, whether through pleasure or desire, longings and dreams? What is our body asking us, and how does listening to it serve us to live aligned with our true nature?

The next circle will take place in December, location and date TBD.

These circles are conducted indoors/outdoors, weather permitting, during outdoor season.

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