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Coaching Session (60 min)

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After doing an intro coaching session to see if it's a good fit for you, these one-on-one 60 minute sessions are available to be used as needed or to go into one of the topics below more deeply.

Note: coaching sessions are available for women only.


A space to be you, as you are.
A space to tend to your heart. A breather.
A space to connect more deeply to your true nature, so that you feel safe to move through the world as your true self.

An exploration of that truth:

How do we stop giving our power away to others? To media, to culture, to beliefs we have outgrown? This is simplicity.

What do we need, to replenish ourselves more deeply? Is it self-care or more experiences with community, or nature, or something greater? This is connection.

Now that we can hear that voice within, how do we express that truth? is it through passions or art, movement or adventure, setting boundaries or meeting edges or making peace with where we're at, right here? This is freedom.

Coaching sessions are a space where we come together to talk through what’s true to you, to make space for your inner guidance to come through, to honor that truth by living it.

Please note, coaching is not a substitute for therapy or medical support, but coaches are able to refer people to additional support if needed.



Sessions take place either (a) at The Woods Cafe, Riyadat Mall, 1st floor, or (b) online.

Valid for 6 months, changes & cancellations can be made up until the day before.

If you are a service provider, there is the option of a gift swap: swapping a session for an experience of comparable value.

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