Sacred Circles

This human life is sacred. As is your own experience of it, your process and your path.

This is a space to remember that, to fuel us along our own journeys, to come together and learn from one another, to look within.

To slow down, to honor and appreciate the experience of life, to come into deeper relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with life itself.

The circles are held once a month. Each is inspired by a different theme, and then through our collective energies and conversation we co-create a unique sacred space. Come as often as you desire.

Future dates will be listed below.

November Sacred Circle
November 17, 2018
BD 5 per person

6:30-7 settling in and food
7-7:30 poetic inspiration shared by Mashael
7:30-7:45 a moment personal reflection using writing or art supplies
7:45-8:15 group reflection and sharing re the themes and experience
8:15-8:30 final thoughts and closing