Reclaiming Ourselves

Hi friends,

Reclaiming Ourselves is a program along the line of the values that the Conscious Living platform is based on. Whereas the Conscious Living platform offers people a list of products and experiences for a more balanced lifethe Reclaiming Ourselves program focuses on making space for deeper, lasting transformations in our lives to enable us to live in line with our true nature.

The program focuses on three desires:

Month 1: Simplicity: living with ease
Do our living spaces and schedules free up room and energy for our passions? Do our routines allow us to move with ease through our days?

week 1: making space

week 2: making time

week 3: simple routines

week 4: simple pleasures

Month 2: Connection: living with heart
Do our lives include practices that make us feel connected to ourselves and our communities? Do we feel a sense of belonging to the earth and universe?

week 1: self

week 2: community

week 3: earth

week 4: the great mystery

Month 3: Freedom: living with spirit
Are our needs and comfort zones flexible enough for change? Are we able to express ourselves through our words, actions, art and life choices?

week 1: expression

week 2: flexibility

week 3: passion

week 4: peace

I’ve titled the program Reclaiming Ourselves because in my own experience on the path of making lifestyle changes, I’ve found that a lot of the answers I sought outside of myself were actually within. This inner guidance – my preferences, frustrations, desires – led me from one change to the next, which is why the program is focused on inviting the participants to come in with their own vision for themselves and their own knowledge of what works for them. By making lifestyle changes such as letting go of habits that drain us, and adding ones that nourish us, we create conditions through which our innate wisdom, guidance and sense of wellness shine through.

This program is a space to allow participants to reflect on the above by offering inspiration, insight, activities and suggestions that the participants can experiment with during and after the sessions. They are created with the theme of simplicity in mind, so they are designed to be an enjoyable, light experience for those looking to make a transition in their lives at this time.

The format of the program is six sessions total over three months, meeting once every 2 weeks and leaving space for you to experiment at your own pace in between. 

The price of the program is BD 80 per person. The program will run February through April 2019, and meeting dates will be as follows:

Meeting Dates: 

Saturday Feb 2, 16

Saturday March 2, 16, 30

Saturday April 13

Time: 5-6:30pm

Location: My residence in A’ali

Registration: via email by Jan 26th

If any of the above calls you at any time, or if you have any questions, please reach me by email. If you know someone who might be interested, please share.


Thank you,