Donations & Community

Charities, community organizations and recycling

Charities that accept donations:

Community Organizations:


  • Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled
    • accepts plastic recycling to fund wheelchairs
  • Bradran Persian Carpets
    • buy and sell traditional second hand carpets
  • Glass recycling
    • available at some bins e.g. opposite of A’ali walkway
  • Gosi Complex
    • selling and buying second hand phones
  • Jawad Dome
    • batteries recycling inside the entrance
  • Khalid
    • Antique shop including second hand books and clothing
  • Quran Care Society
    • accepts paper recycling to fund Qurans outside some mosques
  • Public Recycling Bins
  • Recycling guide
    • for more extensive recycling options, this list from 2015 has contact info and organisations (some info has changed since then)



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