An Invitation to Collaborate via the Creative Earth Collective

An Invitation to Collaborate via the Creative Earth Collective

The idea for the Creative Earth Collective was born out of a desire to find creative solutions to protect Bahrain’s natural landscape through a grassroots approach, including both awareness raising projects and on-the-ground projects. This island is filled with creatives in all fields and individuals who feel a connection to Bahrain’s natural beauty and want nature connection to be a part of their lives. The purpose of the Collective is to create a platform to bring ideas to life that serve the local landscape, the community, and the collaborators, while also strengthening community ties through the collaborative process.


Photo of street art in New York City


The Creative Earth Collective is now open to discussing collaborations. Here are just some of the possible project areas:

  • creative media that enhances a deeper interest in Bahrain’s biodiversity
  • solutions to clean up our beaches and seas
  • outdoor experiences for nature connection in Bahrain’s desert
  • learning about local traditional natural remedies and plant diversity
  • solutions to increase access to fresh, local, sustainably-grown produce

If you are interested in discussing your thoughts or suggestions, please reach me through the form here.

To share this info with a friend, please direct them to the Creative Earth Collective page atĀ where any updates will be shared.


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