Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

It started with a thought: what if we had community meetups in Bahrain’s parks? Sunset walks, or a quiet afternoon reading books or magazines at a park by the sea, or playing boardgames, or meditations, or sharing stories of memorable experiences in nature that have changed us? The options are endless. I wondered why I felt drawn to those experiences and what they had in common, and it one thing: they were simple pleasures. 

So in early October, I reached out to some community-minded people about creating a series of community events called Simple Pleasures. They were all in, and a month later, we are here, having co-created a series of ideas for outdoor events that have burst forth from our hearts, each with a different signature.

We begin this month. Hessa will be leading us through a farm to experience the visual and sensory pleasure of fresh, local, seasonal food that is good for us, the land and the community. Haya will gather us at an old fort to reflect on our roots: the lifestyle of people who lived on this land before us, its rich wisdom, and what parts of it we are drawn to revive.

Sara and I will invite you to explore an outdoor wide open space – not just passively, but through all senses to see whether that changes how connected you feel to the space, bringing a journal or sketchbook or musical instrument to capture your reflections and inspirations. Maharani will remind us of the simplest pleasure of all: play, where she’ll welcome people of all ages to play outdoors together like people used to.

Sunset at Budaiya Beach in November

Throughout the next few months, we’ll be sharing smaller pop-up events too, like picnics or reading in a park, or quiet walks, or sandcastle making, or who knows what else. Please share your ideas and inspirations with us, as these pop up events will be a great way to bring our daydreams to life. We’ll be using the #simplepleasuresbh hashtag to reach out and be reached.

Please come. We want to meet you, and we want you to meet each other and the outdoor spaces on our island that have been waiting for us to get to know them. Our online connections are only a tiny taste of the vibrant, kind-hearted community we’re lucky to be a part of. See you soon 🙂


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