What is Conscious Living?

Conscious Living is a community platform to inspire nature, balanced, simple living and nature connection in Bahrain, based on the realization that the wellbeing of our selves, our community and earth are connected. For more about the listing guidelines on the home page, scroll below.


Conscious living is living with an awareness of how our everyday choices impact our wellbeing, our communities and the earth. This website is a guide to a natural, balanced and simple lifestyle in Bahrain under nine categories because from my experience these have been the elements that have enhanced my own wellbeing while supporting our local community and environment. The listings on the website include product or service providers that have been active in the past year. Below, I’ve outlined why the categories focus on the areas that they do, as well as the guidelines I’ve used to consider what products and experiences to list. The listings on the website include product or service providers that have been active in the past year.


Food that is nutritious, plant-based and/or local serves our health and the health of the environment and supports the local community.

Plant-based Cafes: Are many of their offerings plant-based and nutritious?

Nutritious Snacks and Drinks: Are they locally made and nutritious?

Restaurants that Source Locally or Regionally: Do they try to source from local or regional farmers, or their own gardens?

Local Produce: Do the farms or farmers grow their produce locally?

Health Food Stores: Do they specialize in nutritious foods?

Vegan Options: Are they vegan food guides specific to Bahrain?

Health and Plant Based Bloggers: Are they qualified in the food and nutrition field? Otherwise, do they offer original recipes with a health focus or plant-based focus?


Products made with natural or environmental materials or methods are gentler on the environment and on our senses.

Clothing: Is it made of natural material? Otherwise, is it handmade locally directly by the brand owner?

Accessories: Are they made from natural or reused materials? Otherwise, are they handmade to support either local or needy communities?

Textiles & Rugs: Are they made of natural materials? Are they handmade?

Furniture & Decor: Are they made of natural or reused materials? Are they handmade?

Soy & Beeswax Candles: Are they pure soy and/or beeswax?

Pure Essential Oils: Are they made of 100% essential oils?

Decorative Indoor Plants: Do they offer long-lasting creative indoor plant options?

Traditional Products: Do they offer locally handmade products using traditional methods?


Outdoor places and activities encourage simple pleasures and nature and community connection.

Public Beaches, Public Parks and Animal Reserves: Are they easily accessible to the public?

Activities: Are the activities outdoor-based and accessible to beginners?


Skincare and treatments based on natural ingredients or made using traditional methods are gentler on our skin and on the environment (when they go down the sink, they end up back in our local waters).

Skin Care:
Handmade in Bahrain: Are they locally handmade? Are the majority of their ingredients natural? International Brands available in Bahrain: Are the majority of their ingredients natural or not tested on animals?

Treatments and Styling: Do the treatments use natural products or traditional methods?


Environmentally-conscious cleaning products are gentler on the earth and our senses. Reusables are at the core of a simpler lifestyle and healthier environment, from which we source our food, water and air.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products: Do they include international eco-friendly cleaning brands?

Laundry: Do they offer eco-friendly cleaning services?

Reusables: Do they offer durable reusables? For plastics, do they offer high-quality reusables?

Technology: Does it support the environment by reducing resource use or waste through high-quality products and services?


Creativity is an activity that shifts society from a focus on products to a focus on experiences. Experiences are enriching, enjoyable, community-building and confidence-building.

Creative Classes: Are they accessible to beginners or newcomers? Do they offer opportunities to experience personal creative expression?

Green Workshops: Are they environmentally-minded, such as using reused materials?


Breath-based movement and techniques benefit both our bodies and minds, which lead us to feeling more centered and making choices more consciously. They are simple methods that have been used for thousands of years, and offer the simplicity of sometimes require nothing more than a mat or an empty space.

Breathing: Do the instructors offer courses or techniques in breathwork?

Meditation: Are the centers accessible to beginners and newcomers?

Yoga: Are the studios accessible to beginners and newcomers?

Therapeutic Yoga: Do the instructors have training or experience in gentler approaches to yoga that are accessible to a wider range of people?


Since imbalances in health affect not just our bodies, minds, or souls separately, such therapies help heal our systems as a whole. Some include relaxing or meditation techniques to calm our systems and allow us to heal at a deeper level. Others allow us to express ourselves more fully and thus heal more fully.

Therapies and Treatments: Are the practitioners qualified or affiliated with an established center?

Self Development: Are the teachers qualified or affiliated with an established center? Are the experiences they offer accessible to newcomers or beginners?

Wellness Coaching: Are the coaches qualified in a holistic approach to wellness?


Part of simpler living is sharing unused things with those in need, and feeling a sense of connection and involvement in the community. Recycling is a way to give our waste new life, benefit local charities and keep the environment clean, which in turn gives us cleaner air, water and soil.

Charities that accept donations: Do they benefit the local community?

Community Organizations open to volunteers: Do they serve the community environmentally (which in turn, serves the community as a whole)? Are they open to volunteers at their community events?

Recycling: Are they accessible points to the public?